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So you decided to get married. The most important thing you need is time and money. You can probably plan the wedding in a few months, but it’s best when you have at least a year.

First, you will thus minimize the runs from the last days before the wedding (they will be anyway, but much less).

Secondly, many restaurants are booked in advance, sometimes even a year in advance. The same applies to other wedding service providers – photographers, musicians, etc. The sooner you start looking for them, the better your choice will be.

And third, the wedding involves a lot of expenses and you will have more time to collect the necessary amount if you do not have it yet. Also, one of the solutions might be wedding loans with bad credit scores. If you have no credit background or poor credit history, feel free to get the financial aid to pay for your important event.

The first step you need to take is to determine what amount you need to cover your wedding expenses. We all know that a wedding costs a lot. But how come?

The second step is to determine the number of guests you will have at the wedding. Based on this number you decide the next most important aspect: the restaurant. The wedding venue must have enough capacity to accommodate all your guests, but not more than that.

Then you need to consider food and drink. Depending on the choice of the restaurant, the price of the menu can vary between 100 and 500 dollars, but there are also locations that offer even more expensive options. For a smaller wedding, where you invite a maximum of one hundred people, the first expense will be between 1,000 and 5,000 dollars for the menu. As for the drink, if you want to have strong drinks, juices, wine, water (plain and mineral), coffee and champagne, you will need to take at least 5,000 dollars out of your pocket.

You are going to consider music, where you can hire a DJ or a band, the prices being between 2,500 and 10,000 dollars, the photographer, which costs at least 3,000 dollars, and the religious ceremony, where you will have to pay at least 1,000 dollars.

We also add wedding invitations, which can cost between 500 and 1,000 dollars, and flowers, if you want to have fresh bouquets on the table. The price of flowers is quite high, and depending on the type of arrangements, you will have to take at least 2,000 dollars out of your pocket.

Let’s not forget the cake, this part that everyone is waiting for. Whether you already have a cake model you want, or you will order the cake depending on the filling and the top, this dessert will not cost less than 1,000 dollars.

With these calculations in mind, when you organize a wedding with few guests, the minimum cost will be 10,000 dollars. Starting from this amount, you can borrow 12,000 dollars, knowing, for sure, that unforeseen expenses will come.

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